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You’re Having a Girl! Introducing HR Predictive Maternity and Paternity Leave Forecasting


PeakEmployee is thrilled to announce an amazing new feature that allows you to predict with exacting precision not only when employees will be expecting but also the gender of the child.  The results have been nothing short of miraculous for James from Kelso & Kelso, Inc as he explains, “When HR called me and told me my wife was pregnant with a boy that I was going to name Todd I was thrilled! And a little frightened. I didn’t really know the Fitbit logged that sort of thing.”

Rick James, HR Manager at Kelso & Kelso explains that “we really started to see the predictive heatmap report light up around Randy in Accounting and sure enough the leave requests started to pour in — including the one from James’ wife. Poor guy. Luckily we were able to get ahead of it with clever use of the data and we ordered extra newborn kits from the EAP. I think it’s safe to say that 60% of the time this report is 100% correct.”

Is your company doing enough to make sure you aren’t behind the ball on maternity and paternity forecasting?

We hope so!  In the meantime though… April Fools.

Look for some real product announcements in the near future!

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