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Retain More A Players By Helping Your Bs and Cs


I was on a call recently where the prospective customer was very concerned with retaining his A players. This is natural of course and we specialize in increasing retention so we were having a good conversation.

At one point in the call he mentioned that he was not overly concerned with retaining or improving the plight of his B and C players. I understood his logic at a high level but it started an important discussion. You see your A players don’t work together on an island. As a matter of fact they work with a whole lot of B and C players. And what happens when a C player is hired to work with or even manage an A player? Generally not good things. And to add salt to the wound this is where your HR Analytics capabilities will typically fail you.

It is these types of scenarios that PeakEmployee specializes in identifying proactively.  And it is this type of situation that causes us to stress that obtaining meaningful retention gains of your A players means you need to identify and help all of the players in need.  You must identify the at risk players, analyze the issues, and implement informed change so that everyone is feels valued.  Our tools make this process easier than it sounds.

We help companies to reliably get ahead of these scenarios and while a top goal may be to retain A players I think it’s wonderful that a necessary byproduct of achieving that goal is helping all level of players to up their game. And that is simply good for business.

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