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Introducing Manager Analytics

Did you know that 50% of all employees cite their direct manager as the main reason they quit. (Gallup 2015)

In business we put a lot of trust in our people managers. We trust them to varying degrees to hire the right people, nurture their careers, oversee their work, and guide them in the running of the business.  All in all it’s a big job and it’s not easy.

Sometimes being a people manager can feel like you are a part-time therapist, adviser, fortune-teller, father, and mother all rolled into one. In short, it’s a tough gig with a lot of potential for pitfalls and greatness.  And yet despite the massive impact that people managers have on employee retention there are generally no good solutions for monitoring their effectiveness outside of normal review cycles. This leaves a lot of opportunity for mismanagement of your workforce, especially in the case of first time people managers.

It’s because of this out sized amount of responsibility and impact that we are now offering Manager Analytics integrated into the PeakEmployee solution.  Now when we identify a trending issue within your company we can show you the management involved, what their directs are saying, how the people managers rank within their org and across the company in a multitude of areas.  In short, we give you a real-time view into manager effectiveness and tie it into an integrated solution that tells you the story as to what is going on in your company and who the players involved are.

Want to learn more?  Let’s chat about what PeakEmployee and Manager Analytics can do to improve retention and cut turnover costs at your company.

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