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Welcome to the PeakEmployee blog!


Welcome to the first post on the blog of PeakEmployee!

I’m Phil Greenwood, Founder and CEO, of PeakEmployee and I’ll be writing the occasional blog post here along with other members of our amazing team.  We may even wrangle a few guest bloggers to write about their experiences in the HR Analytics world here to brighten everyone’s day.

While we’ve got a bit of a late start with it (it takes a lot of time to build a great product) we plan on updating the blog a few times a month so we hope you will come back and visit often.  Some of the topics we will be covering include: Workforce Analytics, Employee Assistance, HRIS integrations, the Predictive side of Analytics, and other topics that come to mind as we dive into things with you.

If you have any areas of interest that you would like us to speak to or if you have an interest in a guest blog post please let us know in the comments below or at support [at]

We look forward to exchanging thoughts with you!

Phil Greenwood
Founder, PeakEmployee

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